Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I have decided that the time has come for me to get a new job. I have been working at Ruby Tuesday for some time now and recently the franchise I had been working for was bought back by corporate. Since then things have gone downhill rather quickly. If anyone knows of a job that needs filled in the Franklin/ Indianapolis area that pays $10 or more an hour I'd love to hear them all. Also the left foot of the mech has been made up in CAD. It is VERY basic right now. Eventually I will have more moving parts but until then the differnt parts will consist of feet L.legs U.legs. waist chest U.arms, L.arms, "hands" which are going to be a crude pincer device until later, and a head. Suggestions on what we name the mech project is now open. 


  1. Hope you're doing well with your job search. It seems like you guys get paid so little over there. I don't even need a high-school education or any previous experience to get my job and it pays $22.50 an hour (Australia). However, I suppose everything is more expensive over hear as well.