Saturday, February 26, 2011

The design

The design of the mech is quite reminiscent of the Catapult mech from the mech warrior series though there are a few very glaring differences. First the joint system will be Ball-joint, this allows for a wider range of motion and thought sometimes harder to work with, will make it that much more of a payoff in the end. Second the shoulder mounted missile system- GONE, those things are just begging to get blown off. The itty bitty arms/ legs, these will be bulkier, while this will add weight in the end this will add a ton of durability. The rest of the differences are minor. The foot layout will be different. I plan to make it "army applicable" (because seriously what is a civ gonnna do with a mech?) the back will be able to hold a "backpack" filled with whatever calibur of belt fed ammo they wanna put in there. each "forearm" will have a gun barrel going down the length of it and considering the barrel length this would be VERY accurate. I plan on giving it a "head" not sure why, but I never liked the catapult because it had no head.   


  1. This sounds good. Keep up the good work mate!

  2. Very cool stuff, keep up the awesome work!

    Great blog.

  3. Nice :D
    Keep it up, following!

  4. Multiple Operation Infantry Scale Technology...for the name...fits with the acronym you want to use...idk.