Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Progress on the mech

Alright I'm still putting out a call for names for the mech project as it's still just called "mech" on all accounts. I've designed a basic system of how its put together on autodesk inventor, mocked it walking on 3ds max, and viewed how itd look by rendering it in maya. so far so good. Ive decided to use ball joints with a series of pneumatics to provide movement. It will have the ability to side step though I haven't devised a way for it to not tip over yet. This is also up for suggestion.


  1. if you are sidestepping to the left then a simple ankle movement down to tip the mech to the right a little will give you your counterbalance. while your mech is "off balance" you can move the left leg out to make the mech fall to the left a little and then drag the right leg in.

  2. oo keep up the updates on your progress!

  3. This will definitely be an interesting project to follow. Good luck!